About IMS Financial

Since 2003, IMS Financial has helped thousands of dentists and physicians nationwide to either start, invest in, or grow their practice. For over 15 years, we’ve put our collective know-how to work for our clientele and helped them navigate their way through the funding process, all while offering the lowest-rate financing option to fit their budget.

Whether we’re in an up or down economy, it’s always a good time to invest in the greatest resource of all – you. Our staff will knowledgeably and aggressively exhaust every option to help you acquire the financing that will assuredly increase the value and profitability of your office.

Now may be an opportune time for you to expand your practice with additional rooms, increased staff, new equipment or advertising, or you may simply choose to pay down some high-rate credit card debt to give you a little breathing room – it’s entirely up to you. From the first point of contact until long after your loan has funded, we’ll take the time to work with you, hand in hand, ensuring every question and concern has been addressed along the way.

At IMS Financial, we treat each client with the understanding that every healthcare professional has a unique and personal story. We’ve assisted thousands of practitioners over the years and have a deep understanding of their passion for the healing arts, personalized care, and professionalism. Practice financing helps to provide an opportunity to build your practice into a true expression of your personal healthcare philosophy, which is exactly our goal in working with you.