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$100,000 Toward Practice Acquisition Expenses

Dr. Maria B. had recently acquired a practice and needed funds to help cover payroll and other general office expenses.  The doctor’s FICO score had fallen below 640 by the time of her submission, but after providing supplemental bank statements, we were able to push through the approval and get the doctor funded.

A few weeks later, the doctor decided to replace the existing practice inventory with new equipment items and turned to us again for help financing the purchase.  Since we already had her full submission info on file from the previous transaction, we were able to lock in the approval and fund the equipment acquisition within just a few business days.

Our mission has always been to provide Hassle-Free Financing for our clients.

We provide funding for Dental and Medical professionals to help meet a variety of needs, including:

  • Working Capital
  • Equipment Finance
  • Practice Acquisition
  • Practice Expansion
  • Personal Debt Consolidation
  • Cash Flow to Meet Payroll, Marketing, and Other Overhead Demands

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